tree branch trimming

You'll need a tree trimming pro in Paducah, KY

Free Your Trees of Extra Weight

When's the last time you got a tree trimming service? If you can't remember, it's probably long overdue. Luckily, Hicks Landscaping Services can perform your tree and maintenance project in the Paducah, KY area. We can prune branches, buds and roots, depending on what your trees and shrubs need. You'll end up with healthier plants and a beautiful landscape.

Maintaining an appealing outdoor space takes work. Speak with us about tree and shrub pruning service now.

tree branch trimming

Reap the benefits of trimmed trees

There's an easy way to improve your landscape. A tree and shrub pruning service can make all the difference. Our services can:

  • Help your plants grow taller
  • Allow more sunlight to reach your lawn
  • Give your landscape a polished look
  • Improve your curb appeal

Plan a shrub and tree trimming service with us today. We serve Paducah, KY and the surrounding areas.